This is a history of the IETF IPng effort as reflected in IETF documents.

The final recommendation from the IPng Area Directors is RFC 1752 . This copy has been edited to add links to all of the referenced materials.

The IPng Area Directors issued a general call for IPng White Papers which was published as RFC 1550 .

IPv6 as it stood when the recommendation was made is described in an Internet Draft .

There is an archive of the set of Internet-Drafts that described the various parts of IPv6 at the time that the recommendation was accepted by the IESG.

There are also sub-folders containing other information

·  There is an archive of all of the IPng-related documents I could find

·  There are area reports from the IPng area

·  There are minutes of the meetings of the IPng directorate.

·  There is an archive of the IPng mailing.list.

·  There are some presentations .